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Macs do get Viruses

I often get people ask me, “Should I use a mac, I heard they don’t get viruses”.

I personally use a Apple Macbook Pro and I love it, but they are not for everyone. I think the operating system, hardware and most software for macs is far more superior than any other consumer grade computer or laptop.

However, due to the learning curve necessary to use the Mac technology, I stopped a long time ago recommending them to people.

Apple Mac Spyware Removal Townsville Virus

The answer is “Yes” Apple Mac computer do in fact get viruses, you just see it far less for two reasons:

Superior Technology

The apple technology and specifically the operating system, OSX is based on a the very secure Unix operating system which is very good at what it allows and doesn’t allow to run on it.

Less Users

There are far less users of the Apple Mac computers than they are of the Windows based Operating system PC’s.

Hence, Virus developers are fishing in a smaller pond and tend to make most of their viruses for Windows based computer.

Put that together with the Macs being a very secure system and we see the result is less viruses out there for Macs, hence why people think there are no viruses affecting Apple Computers.


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