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Loose weight playing this computer game

Scientists have designed a computer game designed to help people loose weight.

The “Stop Go” game displays healthy, unhealthy and other items on the screen in which the player has to either choose to stop or go depending on the food and the relevance to healthy eating.

Lead scientist Dr Natalia Lawrence, from the University of Exeter, said: “These findings are among the first to suggest that a brief, simple computerised tool can change people’s everyday eating behaviour.Computer Excercise

Six months of playing the computer game yielder results of participants loosing up to 2kg of weigh buy changing their cognitive behaviour and healthier eating habits.

Foods like biscuits and chocolates where categorised as “No” foods and healthier foods like fruit and vegetables as “Go”.

Just ten minutes of playing the game everyday was needed to see results.

Only 41 people participated in the trial of this game but the results where seen as good enough that scientist believe this sought of technology in helping prevent wait gain and promoting weight loss my very well be a viable strategy to pursue.

We already know physical participation games such as those on the WII fit and games where users need to be up and jumping around to play are much more healthier than the ones where people sit down and do very little for hours on end.

Every year it is not uncommon to hear of people playing games for 24 hours on end, sitting there doing nothing, then get up and walking around for 5 minutes before dying due to blood clots.

The applications for computers games as a way of learning to eat healthy is only in its infancy but something teachers of young students all around the world have been using for years to teach their students to eat well. Specially in the elementary years or p[primary school years are we say in Australia.

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