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What do you do on the internet when you’re bored Ross?

People always tell me they are bored with the internet, and ask, “What websites are worth looking at?

Of course I tell them the basics, like if they want to talk to friends Facebook is good, if the want to look at the news in Townsville, Click Townsville is good and if they want to search for something go to Google.


Most tell me they know that, but where do you go for something a little different?

Now each to their own, depending on what you like. But for me, no matter what mood I am in Lifehacker is always a good option. Lifehacker is not work you think. It has nothing to do with breaking into government computers, or changing the face of some website to make a political statement.

Although Lifehacker delivers a lot of new computer and internet related content every day, primarily the site is about taking every day objects and changing or altering them in someway to get things done.

Gina Trapani founded Lifehacker back in 2005 with exclusive sponsorship by Sony for about $75,000 US.

Since then the blog has grown into one of the biggest sites in the world with different syndication depending on where you are accessing their site from.  A user in Australia for instance would be redirected to

What does Google have to say about Lifehacker?

A quick search in Google for Lifehacker would yield an abundance of results ranging from, why does you hair to grey, tips and tricks to working smarter on your smart phone and how to properly freeze fruit for longer lasting freshness.

There are 1000’s of posts and the website is updated around 20 times a week.  There is something for everybody and you would never be able to read it all.  Lifehacker reference a lot of sites where people have come up with their own life hacks, so they are never short of content.

So if you find yourself bored with sitting on Facebook on a Friday night, thinking is this all i use the internet for, head over to and learn something new and interesting.  I know I will!


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