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Laptop Repairs Townsville

Laptop repairs Townsville

Laptops are very convenient for people who do not want to be constrained to a desktop and need the the ability to move around when using their computer. thinking laptop repairs Townsville, think Townsville computer repair Nerds.

Laptops all general purposes are also called, notebooks and the much smaller less powerful ones, netbooks.

Under the hood of your laptop are a lot of the same components you will find in a regular desktop computer such as a hard drive, memory, motherboard and processor. And although they use the same components, the size and way they are made to fit the smaller shape of the computer are different.

Laptop technology is very sensitive. Add the fact that laptops get moved around a lot more than desktops, you will find laptops are more prone to damages to their hard drives and broken screens due to sudden movements like being dropped.

Townsville computer repairs Nerds have extensive experience in laptop repairs. I have personally been using notebooks for about 20 years and have been fixing all that time as well.

Some parts are cheaper in laptops and others are more expensive.


Common Laptop Repairs Townsville


Water being spilled onto a laptop

Spillage is a big problem with laptops. With the convenience of using your laptop at the breakfast tables, comes the problem of peoples drinks being spilled on it as well.

The casual nature and convenience of using your laptop anywhere sees many laptop fall a foul of water or drinks being spilt on them.

Unlike a desktop computer where if you spill your drink onto a desktop keyboard you can just unplug it and put a new one in.

Unfortunately with laptops being so integrated and the keyboard being part of the actual computer, spillage’s usually seep under the keyboard into the motherboard and circuitry causing serious damage.


Damaged Hard Drive

Hard drives are very very sensitive. Although they have got a lot better over the years the whole premise of hard drives is based on magnetics and rotation. It doesnt take a lot for a hard drive to be damaged and with the ability to move laptops easy and effortlessly, it happens a lot.

Laptop repairs Townsville find most hard drives damaged in notebooks is either because they have been dropped or put into a laptop bag to quickly.

The hard drives in your notebook run very fast. Depending on the drive you get it can be anywhere between 5400 and 7800 RPMS.

Thats a lot of spinning and with a sudden jolt can be damaged quite easily.

Some hard drive problems can be fixed very easily, others we can some times get the data off even if the drive is damaged depending on how bad it is.


Power Adaptor Damage

You have probably noticed the little whole your laptop power adapter goes into on the side or behind your computer is very small and flimsy.

A sudden movement or pushing it in to hard can cause the end to break either on the adapter itself or within the Power Supply Unit itself.

Unlike a desktop where the power supply unit can be changed over, unfortunately most of the laptop PSU’s are physically part of the motherboard, meaning the whole circuit board needs to be replaced.

If this is the case we can usually still recover your data from your laptop.

If the power problems has caused surges it can sometimes damage your hard disk and data, so it is always good when you are having power problems to not force the issue and get it looked at straight away,


Laptop Repairs Townsville

Its not fair to bring your laptop into somewhere, have someone look at it, be unable to fix it and then charge you.

Townsville computer repairs Nerds wont do that!

You can drop it into us, or we can come out to you and give you a free no obligation quote.

Even if we can fix it, we wont before talking to you and giving you a price. If you don’t want to get it fixed or don’t accept our 100% free quote, its no problem. It wont cost you a cent.

We also don’t charge by the hour. It would probably be cheaper buying a whole new computer if that was the case. We quote by the job so you don’t get any hidden surprises.

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