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Laptop Man

Need a good laptop man? Look no further.

Hi my name is Ross and I am your laptop man specialist in computer repairs in Townsville.  I have been doing laptopsrepairs for 20 years and I know them inside and out.

What most people don’t know is there is  not a big difference between laptops and what is actually under the hood. Most laptops comprise of a lot of the same parts. Some are different, but a lot more are the same.

A lot of repairs companies use this discrepancy to charge their customers excessive amounts, but not me.

Unlike desktop computers, laptops and notebooks repairs are a lot more integrated and connected together, unfortunately meaning when one part goes it can take another with it, costing more money and so on.  Hence why a lot of people choose to buy new laptop instead of repairing them.

Like a lot of things, while living in North Queensland we seem to pay a lot more money for things they they do down south, specially for repairs. So sometimes it can work out a lot cheaper getting your laptop repaired.

For an informed decision on whether or not you should get your laptop repaired call us and we will come out for free and let you know.  And if you do choose to repair it we will give you a 100% free quote.  If choose not to get your laptop repaired by this laptop man, it wont cost you a cent.

So your looking for a decent laptop man?  Here is why you should choose me.

  • 20 years experience
  • Small business, small prices
  • Trustworthy
  • Quick
  • Reliable
  • Good communication
  • After hours service
  • Fastest repairs in Townsville

More about me and laptop and repairs

When I was studying computer science at James Cook University in the late 90’s and early 2000’s laptops where not as popular as they are today.  Few people had them and they were a lot more expensive.

I took a punt and bought a Dell laptop and never looked backed.  I took it everywhere with me and was probably the only one using it in lectures (which is common place today).  I was labelled the laptop repairs man so I used the name when I started doing computer repairs around campus.

Their are plenty of laptop repair men around today and I am sure they all do a great job.

But if you want a laptop repairs man who knows the business well, is experienced and patient I am the man for you.

The difference between a laptop and desktop.

If you had your eyes closed, or could simply only see the screen, you would be forgiven for not knowing if you were using a laptop or desktop computer.  The software they use and the programs you can download and install are entirely the same. As is the operating system eg. Windows XP, Visa, 7 or 8 and 8.1 etc.

The biggest distinguishable different between the both is the size.  The traditional computer the comprises of a computer case or tower, a monitor and keyboard and speakers.  Laptops or Notebooks are one complete until that can simply be folded up like a book and put in a bag.

Laptop Man in Townsville

Which one should I buy

The answer to this question is more of a personal choice as apposed to a technical one.  They both have the same software and they can both be made and bought with equally powerful parts.  Where they differ again is the physical size and where and what you would use it for.

I personally prefer a laptop because I need it with me all the time.  I sacrifice the size for the ability to be portable.  But at the end of the day it will be entirely up to you what you use it for and where.  The best thing to do is go into a store, see what you like, how it feels and what you are willing to spend and I am sure you will find whats best for you.

For all your laptop computer repairs needs please call Ross Rudall on 0402 807 890.

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