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Laptop Data Recovery

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A lot of things can happen when using your laptop that can result in needing laptop data recovery.

Whether it be you have caught a virus, you hard drive or other laptop and notebook components have failed or software on your computer has resulted in it not being able to start, there are many reasons and ways for you to loose access to your data.

Townsville Nerds provide a fast and safe way to recover your data. Not all data can be recovered all the time but we have a very high success rate.

Your hard drive spins approximately 7800 times per minute. Over the course of its life time it will spin millions of times every day. Thats a lot of wear and tare and unfortunately hard drives in your laptops which get moved around become very susceptible to data loss and corruption.

Laptop data recovery townsville

If you loose your data due to an update of some description such as and operating system update or software update, the chances of recovering your data are much greater.

If you had a virus, the chances are recover your data is still good, depending on the virus and what it does, such as encrypting your data and holding you hostage.

When it becomes harder to recover your data is when you can here your hard drive making a noise. If you put your ear to your laptop and can hear a sharp buzzing noise or some clicking, it will  most likely mean there is physical damage to your hard drive and the chances of recovering your data might be less.

If you need data recovery in Townsville for your laptop and don’t want to pat an arm and a leg, I will look at it for free and give you a quote.

Just to find out if your data can be recovered will cost you nothing!


Most common causes of Data Loss

  • Excessive force to your laptop like a punch to the keyboard, a sharp drop or a hard shake can ruin your hard drive.
  • Viruses which interrupt how your operating system works and stops your computer from booting up.
  • Old hardware. Something else failing in your computer like your processor, resulting in your computer not being able to boot up.
  • Heat. Heat is a big problem in Townsville and can cause your laptop to do some pretty bad things like overheating, resulting in damage yo your computer components, hard drive and motherboard.


Laptop Data Recovery in Townsville

The first thing you need to do is stop using or running powering through your laptop. Any further movement on the laptop can result in more if not all data being lost.

If you decide to try a data recovery program you bought off the internet, make sure you run it from a USB and don’t install it on your actual computer or the program itself might run over the exact files you are trying to recover, in case you or something else deleted your files.

The safest thing you can do is call us.

If your worried it will cost too much come and see us first and we will see if we can recover it. We wont charge you to find out if we can recover your data.

If we can recover you data from your laptop we will quote you a price which you are under no obligation to accept. If you don’t accept our quote, we will simply return the hard drive and it wont cost you anything.



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