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If its not broken don’t fix it

old slow computer townsville update upgradeThis post is not as technically directed as it is to human behaviour.

We all know the old adage, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. But does that really apply to technology?

The chances are if you are doing the same old thing you were 5 or even 10 years ago on the computer such as only emailing, surfing the web or Facebook etc, you probably do not need a brand new state of the art computer with all the latest apps, speed developments, or new you beaut gadgets.

To simply surf the internet and answer emails all you really need is a below average speed computer with Internet Explorer of Microsoft Outlook. Any old computer will do.

Sales people want you to buy the latest and greatest. I dont really sell hardware so I am avle to give you a very unbiased opinion.

To do the same old thing you have been doing throughout the life of your computer usage, you do not need a new computer!


However, there is always a however.

Just because a slow computer can do the same old things, doesnt mean it can do the securely.

As technology has widened and progressed, so has the threats.

Simply just being aware of what you are doing on the internet is no longer good enough to keep you or your computer safe, we need other things like antiviruses software, firewalls and operating systems with the latest security updates to keep us safe from vulnerabilities others find in the systems.

And thats where having a better computer comes into play.

In order for your computer to have the latest, safest, up-to-date software and operating systems you usually need a better than average computer to support the load that puts on your computer.

You can certainly run newer software on your older computer, and in most cases it will work, but the trade of is uaually speed.

Therefore, you will still be able to do the same old thing you have been doing, but with a computer that is too old, to be up to date security wise, you will probably be doing it much slower, which means you might not be doing it at all.


There are situations though where you do not ever have to really update your system.

I have a old computer at home I just use to write letters to people on. It is not connected to the internet and in fact the only thing it is connected to is a printer.

It doesn’t even have a USB port and i never plug anything into it. It doesn’t need to be updated and I use a program to write letters called Open Office which is free and wont require and updates either to write a letter.

Here is an example of an old computer, still doing the same thing for 30 years.





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