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How much computer power do you need?

When people tell me they need a faster computer, or they want to upgrade, I ask them why?

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting the latest and greatest shiny new things. But, do you really need them?

We often think in computer terms a faster computer will make us work faster, download faster, and get more things done. But the truth is, most of these things are more reliant on the user than the computer hardware itself.

The end user (you)

Your computer use to be faster, but it has slowed down. Is it getting old and worn out?

fast computer

Indeed as time goes by things begin to slow down; wear and tear. In computer terms hard drives do start to slow down and with very large files and data transfers you can sometimes see the difference.

But most of the time this is not the case. You using your computer, downloading files, executing computer code and adding new software usually accounts for 90% of the reasons computers slow down.

Computer programs aren’t magic. They are a bunch of computer 1’s and 0’s put together in a particular order to make the software you see on your screen work. However, they don’t always work the way they are suppose to, causing systems to slow down, fail, or work the wrong way.

Also things you add to your computer cans low it down that you don’t even know you have added. For example, last week I wound up on some video streaming site I have never been to before. At the top was “Michael Jordan’s top 10 dunks”.

I clicked on the video which wouldn’t play, but I did get a button which said “to watch this movie click this addon”. If i did I would have been asked to accept this addon to make the movie play and most certainly I would have installed some sort of junk file or virus which would make my computer slow down.

Hard drive upgrade or CPU

This is the hardware side of things.
NOTE: If you already have software or user problems on the computer like mentioned above, adding new hardware to your computer wont make a big difference. It will just allow those problems to happen a lot faster.

It use to be if you wanted your computer to run faster you upgraded your processor and your computer would think quicker. This wasn’t an absolute but it is a quick and dirty fix.

Hard drives spin fast, most at 72,000 rpm’s but as time has gone by we have found that for a lot of people, those who need fast access times to data and games etc, it just wasn’t fast enough.

Enter solid-state hard drives. These are the bee’s knees right now.

If I was to want to make my computer run faster I would definitely upgrade my hard drive to solid state over upgrading my processor. Solid states are fast, very fast! They have no moving parts like a tradition hard drive; a bit like a record spinning around.

It is different if you a re a programmer for instance and do a lot of number crunching and need your computer to think faster, but for the average user who just access files and calls things up from their computer a solid-state is the way to go.

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