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Frustrated man shoots computer 8 times.

This is definitely worth a mention and shows you just how mad computers drive people.

When I go into peoples houses or business I sometimes walk into someone pretty hostile situations. Although I am not getting blamed for peoples computer problems, by coming in and fixing them, I definitely put myself in the line of fire!

Yesterday in the State of Colorado, USA, a man was fined for shooting his computer.  Lucas Hinch took his misbehaving computer into an alley and shot it 8 times with a handgun.

shoot computer

The Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper stated Mr Hinch was a well natured man, but  like many other people was simply fed up with his computer misbehaving.

Apparently Mr Hinch had been in a long running battle with computer for a few months before making the decision to disable indefinitely.

Although this is an extreme example of the heights of which computers can frustrate you, I see similar frustrations all the time.

Don’t take your furstration out on your computer. It’s just going to cost you more money and time.

Give us a call today and let us take the stress out of your computer worries so you can get back to doing what you want to.

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