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Do I need a desktop or laptop?

I get asked this question all the time and the answer is a real simple one.

When I was growing up and first getting into computer we all had desktops. Only the rich kids had laptops and even then they didn’t really know how to use computers and they were more of a novelty.

Now with the popularity of laptops or notebooks the price has dropped down to where it costs the same amount for a laptop that it does for a desktop, sometimes even cheaper.


Need a laptop or desktop?

For the computer gamer

I put most computer users into two categories, the computer user and the computer gamer.

When it comes to playing computer games on the computer and by that a i mean 3D computer intensive games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield etc you just cant beat a desktop.

Not only bang for your buck wise do you get so much more, the parts are much more interchangeable compared to a laptop, you generally wont need to movie it where ever you go every day and you have a lot more room to play with with regards to upgrading and keeping your system cooler with air flow etc.


For the rest of us

For the rest of us, and by this I mean everyone else who uses a computer, from a computer technician like me, to someone who just answers their emails once a day to the university professor, the short answer is,”it doesn’t really matter”.

For the non gamer, no matter what laptop desktop PC you buy, you will be able to get the same components in a laptop.


What to ask yourself?

So the only real questions that matter when the normal user asks, “Should I get a laptop or desktop” is …. Do you you plan on moving around with it constantly and do you care about screen size?

Do you need it to be mobile?

If you plan on moving around a lot of with your computer every day, whether is be from the bedroom to the living or room, or from home to work or school then a laptop is for you.

Having the convenience of being able to move your computer with you, where you want, when you want is a terrific asset and something most people want and need these days.

Do you care about screen size and bigger keyboard

If you find a laptop screen to small for you then maybe a desktop PC is the best fit for you.

A lot of people don’t like the track pad also in laptops (the built in mouse) but that can always be fixed by easily plugging in a USB mouse like the one in your desktop.

Most people want a desktop because they like the size of it and they don’t need to move it to often.


What do I use

I personally use a laptop because I am on the road every day. The size does not bother me and you get use to it very quickly.

You can get much bigger laptops but my opinion when doing that they almost become a desktop with their size and I might as well buy one of those if thats what i needed.

The only draw back is if something goes wrong on my laptop, like a part failing, they usually cost a lot more to repair.

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