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Digital medicine coming our way?

A few years ago it was all the rage to have tracking devices working remotely to report the GPS coordinates attached to a chip on your child or pet.  Now we might be headed to even a closer to home in the form of digital medicine.

A US based Californian company called Proteus Digital Health has come up with a way tested on 1000 patients showing positive results to monitor your health from the inside.

Basically how it works is you will need to swallow a pill which will have a tiny computer the size of a grain of sand on it which will report back to a path or wearable device. The wearable device will connect to your phone, tablet or computer etc for you or your doctors to analyse the finding through reports.

computer pill

Believe it or not this is not Sci-Fi.  One thousand people have already tried this through clinical trials have the results have been positive.  And even though only about 50% of people take prescription medicine as directed, research shows about the same amount of people are willing to swallow an ingestible computer to monitor their health.

The computer will monitor bodily functions such as, temperature, reaction to drugs in your system, heart rate  and activity levels etc.

Personally I don’t know how I feel about ingesting a computer in to my body as much as I like computers! But I guess it’s like anything, when it first starts out people are apprehensive about using it until enough people do and it become main stream.

Proteus states that “it complies with applicable privacy regulations in the United States and European Union to protect the system components”. But since the technology we have seen time and time again our privacy be violated once we have trusted the technology and it is too late to go back.

It sounds like a great idea, and if it enriches our life and improves our health it might be away of the future.  Time shall tell.


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