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Difference between cheap and expensive HDMI cables

You only need to walk into any electronics store or visit any online website to see the large array of HDMI cables available to buy. Prices range from $5 to $150 making it very difficult to decide which to buy, but we are going to make it a whole lot easier for you.

No other segment in the computer and information technology sector is more murky than the price difference between cheap and expensive HDM cables.

But the truth is, there is NO difference in picture quality between and expensive HMDL computer monitor or television (same thing) HDMI cable.

Inside a HDMI cable Townsville

Understanding HDMI

HDMI stands for High-definition Media Input.

The most common type of HDMI cable consists of 19 pins and is designed to carry an uncompressed digital audio and video signal over the one cable.

Because the signal is digital as apposed to analogue the single either gets there or doesn’t. Quality does not come into it, it either works or simply doesn’t. Therefor, all HDMI cables as long as they are in working order will produce the same qaulity signal.


Why the price difference between HDMI cables

Although it doesn’t matter what brand or quality, design or look HDMI cable you buy in regards to the quality of the picture and sound you get, there are still other factors that go into the quality and price difference between HDMI cables.

When looking at buying a HDMI cable there are other factors to take into consideration.

Not always, but more expensive HDMI cables will have other attributes over cheaper ones such as length, quality of materials used, flexibility and so on.


Choosing a HDMI cable

If you are buying a HDMI cable which is going to go in the wall and never be moved, it really doesn’t matter if it is flexible or not, it will never get moved and you could get away with buying a very cheap HDMI cable, which will just sit there, not move, and give just as good a picture quality as a expensive one.

If I was to buy one for my computer on the other hand, which gets moved around a lot and the screen gets rotated it might be a better idea to buy a better quality and flexible cable to handle all the movements.

Me personally, I just buy the cheap ones for $5 on Ebay.

At that price I can afford to get a new one every week if they break. In the last 3 years I have never had to buy a new HDMI cable anyway.



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