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Ripple Details

Ripple is a non-profit click-to-donate internet site and search engine which passes 100% of its revenue to other charities.[1] Launched on May 4, 2007, they make their revenue by attaining sponsorship from advertisers in return for delivering users who will see their advertisements.

The co-founders of Ripple are Jehan Ratnatunga, Matthew Tilleard, Mack Nevill and Simon Griffiths. Townsville computer repairs love innovative donation and will-being companies like this.

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How Ripple Works

The Ripple web site generates revenue through two routes: clicking and searching.

A user can click to choose a preferred form of charity, bringing up an advertisement from a sponsor. The sponsor pays Ripple every time an advertisement is viewed, Ripple assigns the sponsor payment to the charity of the web user’s choice.[1]

Users can also use the in-built search engine, powered by Google Co-op. Each search generates advertising revenue.[1]

Ripple also enjoys a presence in online social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. Users are now able to add applets that function in the same way as the Ripple web site to their profiles and display how philanthropic they are via a ‘contributions’ count.


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