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Deleting files on your computer

If you have a computer, you might not know it but you probably have a lot of sensitive data on it.

Apart from the obvious, there are also files such as word documents, tax information and other personal and financial information you might want to delete.

Most people think just deleting a file will get rid of it, maybe putting it into their recycle bin and emptying that and thinking that its gone.

But the way computer actually work is they don’t delete the file altogether, that would involve to much overhead on the computers behalf every time and would slow everything down.

So what your computer does is actually in affect hide the file, and make it to be written over when new data is entered into your computer.




These files you think are deleted are actually quite easily retrievable with software you can downloading from the internet and recover a lot of files you thought were deleted like, movies, music, photos and documents.

If you want to delete a file permanently it takes a little longer but there are a lot of good free tools out here which can help you and work by writing over the data many times so it cant be recovered.


Sure Delete

Sure delete is a great free little program you can download from the internet which had three different levels of how hard you want to delete a file.

The more intense the longer it takes but it does a very good job of deleting these files.

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