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Computer Virus Targeting Townsville

Townsville Computer Virus Attack

Yesterday I received an email from someone containing a virus.

Although this is not an unusual event I thought this was particularly concerning due to the fact this virus directly targets us in Townsville by using our location as the hook.

The email subject is, “Important News for Townsville“.

If you receive this email do not open it and delete it immediately.

The email has a ZIP file which includes an EXE that installs the “Battdil.I Trojan” virus.

Battdil.I Trojan specifically hijacks Microsoft Outlook email clients and spreads itself to everyone in your address book causing problems for all your friends, customers, family and contacts – hence how it was sent to me.

Although this is not a new virus someone has decided to put a new spin on it and start sending it around Townsville.


What Battdil.I Trojan does.

Once Battdil.I Trojan is installed on your computer it can:

  • Run and download other programs and viruses.
  • Steal information such as usernames, passwords and bank details etc.
  • Make your computer behave erratically.
  • Move your files to another computer over the internet.
  • Setup a proxy server in your browser redirecting and moving your internet traffic around the internet.


How to stay protected.

  • Never open attachments unless you are specifically waiting to receive them.
  • If you know the person who has sent you an attachment, give them a call before opening it.
  • Keep your Operating System up to date.
  • Dont open emails form people you do not know.
  • Use a Antivirus or filtering program and keep it up to date.
  • Ask and question everything you do on the internet.


Why didn’t my Antivirus pick it up?

Antivirus programs don’t get every virus, every time.

Each time I go to someones house or business who has a virus on their computer, they also have some sort antivirus protection.

Antivirus software like AVG, Norton or Avast are very good but not 100% effective. I regard them as similar to wearing a helmet in a racing car.


It comes down to you.

Eventually the security of your computer will come down to you.

It’s certainly good to have antivirus software on your computer but what you do, what you accept and where you go will inevitably determine the fate of your computers security.

If you have any computer security concerns please call Ross Rudall on 0402 807 890.


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