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Computer Townsville

If you need help with your computer Townsville we can probably help you.

No matter the problem, if its elated to a computer Townsville we know we can help you and here is why. I have been repairing computers for more time than most of is have been using them.. at least at home in Townsville anyway.

Twenty years ago my computer Townsville experience started when my parents went away for the weekend and left me home alone. Some kids get into trouble with cares or parties when their parents go away, i was in trouble with he computer.

I had invited some of my friends around and we decided to mess around with internet, networking and sharing computer related stuff on a little home network I had created. Now these sort of things are quite standard, but then it was something new,.

Anyway, to make a long story short and I blew something up and had to repair it before mum and dad got home. Fortunately I did, and thats where I caught the bug, and haven’t stopped since. I love it.


computer townsville


Computer Townsville Needs

Every day is something new with computers. Whether it is a virus, burnt out hardware, internet running slow or your website down, computer Townsville people at Townsville Nerds can help you with everything related to your computer or home internet network.

Is your computer running slow?

You might have a virus, or your hard drive could be dying. It could be any number of things. Some are cheap to fix and some are expensive.

But it shouldn’t cost you to find out.

So at computer Townsville computer repair nerds we wont charge you to diagnose your problem. If you give us a call, we will come out to you 100% free, diagnose your problem and give you a 100% no obligation quote on how much to fix it. If you don’t accept our quote, or can’t afford it, don’t worry. We will happily leave and it wont cost you a cent. Its not a problem!


Common Computer Townsville Problems


The harsh hot summers and winters in Townsville cause a lot of problems to computers in North Queensland. Computers are made with heat in mind, but I don”t think our sort of heat is what they were thinking of.


Spyware, malware and viruses affect a lot of people not just in Townsville but world wide.

The internet is not a safe place. People use to break into your house through you window to rob you. Now they can come in over the phone lines. There are a lot of desperate people around the world who participate in criminal activities. Your internet connection gives them direct access to inside your home.


Computers being dropped, moved to fast and general ware and tare can cause problems in your computer.

Your hard drive for example spins at 7200 RPMS. Thats a lot of movement every day and those sort of cycles over time can result in failure from constant speed and movement alone.


Sometimes the problems with computers are just the user. Just like a car or anything else you use every day, the driver can make mistakes. The good news is it doesn’t really take much to get you back up and driving again.


Local people and computers Townsville

Townsville Nerds is a 100% Townsville located and operated business which is not part of a chain whats so ever.

When you call me, Ross at Townsville Nerds, you will be speaking to someone from Townsville, who lives in Townsville and is not going anywhere. I have been running my business in Townsville for a good part of 20 years and I plan on being here for another 20 more!

If you want a technician for a computer Townsville call Ross on 0402 807 890 today.

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