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Townsville computer repairs review

Why I like Townsville Computer Repairs

Review by Jasmin McIntyre.

Hello everyone,

Some of you may know me and some of you don’t, but I recently used Townsville Nerds and I was so impressed by their service and what they did for me was compelled to write a review.

Please don’t judge my writing abilities to harsh, I am not accustomed to writing reviews.

So here goes…

My name is Jamie McIntyre and I am 43 years old, female and live in Townsville with my elderly father.

My father migrated from Italy to Australia in the 1940’s after the war.  My mother is Australian and grew up knowing her family, but my father did not.

My father is very old school and until recently wanted nothing to do with the internet.  I use my computer to pay bills, shop online, research and to communicate with friends and family using the website

About 4 months ago I went on holiday with two of my girlfriends.  My father who is now disabled needed a carer while I was gone but still wanted to be able to stay in contact with me while I was away.  I set him up his very own Facebook, complete with pictures, relative information and even a few friends.


It worked out quite well while I was away, every know and again i would see him online the same time I was and I was able to help him with a few minor hiccups.

Upon my return back to Australia I was unable to sleep due to jet lag and my internal clock being all over the place.  Still awake at 2 am I decided to get up to watch some TV and to my surprise when I did, I saw my father still awake also playing on the internet in the kitchen!

When I asked him what he was doing he told me since I had been gone his family from the old country had contacted him and he had been talking to them at nights.

Like I said my father migrate to Australia when he was very young and except for his immediate family, new nobody from his past.  He literally only new his sister, mother and father.

Since he has been using Facebook, family from all over Europe have been contacting him.  People he didn’t even know existed when adding him every day saying things like, “I use to play in the sand box with you” and , “I was only a couple of years older than you but I remember you did this and that”.

My father was rejuvenated and suddenly had this second life.  He is planning a trip towards the end of the year where he is going to meet his family for the first time.

Anyway, last week the tragedy struck and one of our relatives my father was talking to was injured and died.  There was a lot of communication going on in the family and everyone was good enough to keep my father included.  Although he did not know his second cousin very well I could see it deeply upset him and he regretted not speaking to them earlier.

Facebook had become a big part of my fathers life and at his age and capabilities relied on it heavily.

While all this was going on with his family, the unthinkable happened.  My father had clicked on something, somewhere (he swears he did not) and downloaded and installed a virus.  His computer was doing all sorts of crazy things which I am told were viruses, adware and spyware. I really needed Townsville computer repairs done quickly.

Popups where jumping up all over the screen, he couldn’t log into Facebook and which ever web site he tried to connect to, would take him to somewhere else trying to sell him pharmaceutical products. I really needed some repairs done.

It was late at night and he literally couldn’t wait for anywhere to open in the morning.  We called around and no one would answer heir phone.  Could you blame them it was 11pm at night.

I decided to stop calling people and waking them up, and decided to text a few of these computer repairs companies in Townsville and preyed someone would respond.  I must have sent 30 messages and only one person responded.

About 30 minutes later Ross from Townsville Nerds called me back and said he could help.  Ross said he totally understood and the same thing had happened to him in the past.  His mother was from the Netherlands and a couple of years ago she had made her way onto Facebook and had been reunited with all her childhood friends and family.

Not long after there was a nock on the door and there he was.

Ross was extremely helpful and professional. He did not talk like a other computer repairs man in Townsville and in fact he was just a normal guy. He took his time to explain to us old folk what was happening, how it could be prevented and what to look out for. He look me right in the eye while he talked to me and I just felt comfortable with him being there, even at our age.

About one hour later Ross was finished and we were back up and running.  My father was ecstatic and I was happy to see him so happy.

I don’t want to say exactly what Ross charged us, but I did want to say it was less than half what I expected.  I offered to pay him more but he wouldn’t accept it. He said he still feared his mum even at the age of 37 and if she found out he would be in trouble. He even included in his price a discount for people who were retired like my father!

I just want to go on recored and recommend Townsville Nerds to everyone in Townsville and let them know what a great service this is.  There is something to be said for the little guy and small businesses in small towns, that special attention you just can’t get from anyone else.

I will use Townsville Nerds over and over again and recommend them to everyone. Please use Townsville computer repairs men like Ross.

Thank you very very much Ross.




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