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Computer freezing in Townsville

computer freezing townsville

Your computer can freeze for many reasons, some of them can be hardware but most of the time in Townsville I see that is software.

What you do on your computer can greatly affect its performance and operation. Viruses get blamed for a lot of bad things happening on computers but most them are actually installed unknowingly by the operator of the computer.

Below I will list the most common causes relating to your computer freezing and ways to go about fixing them.

1) Spyware, Malware and Viruses

This is the one of the biggest causes of your computer freezing so its best we talk about them first. Although Spyware, Malware and Viruses are actually different from one in other in what they do and how they do it, lets put them all under the same banner as infected annoyances.

Infected annoyances can get on your computer in a number of ways. Sometimes they get through in your email, you can be targeted or someone installs them by accident.

By far in Townsville most infected annoyances I see freezing up peoples computers are ones people have put on there themselves with out even knowing. This usually done when they download something for free off the internet and install it, unknowing that the application the installed was also packed with the infected annoyance.

Having good, up to date antivirus can help with this in the first place before it gets onto your computer, but antivirus are not 100% effective. Once the annoyance is on your computer they will try and spy on you, record what you do or simply try to annoy you and freeze up the operation of your computer.

Knowing a good Townsville computer repair man like me (Ross Rudall) can be the difference in rescuing your computer or loosing everything.

2) Corrupt Operating System

Your operating system is your Windows 7 or 8, OsX or Linux etc. It is the environment you work in on your computer and the platform all your programs are installed on. I like to think of the Operating System as the world and all the programs the countries.

A great deal of things can corrupt your operating system, including viruses. Most operating system corruption occurs to programs conflicting all accidentally removing vital parts of the operating system to make it function properly, resulting in your computer freezing.

Sometimes your operating system can be rescued, sometimes it only a matter of restoring some files but unfortunately a lot of the time we need to backup or restore your data and reload your version of Microsoft Windows then put your data, emails, documents and photos etc back on.

3) Broken Hardware or Hardware Conflicts

Another problem plaguing freezing computers in Townsville is broken hardware inside the computer. Hardware is the physical components of your computer like your hard drive, processor, graphics card or memory.

Due to the extreme heat in Townsville, electronic components seem to play up much more than in cooler climates.

Hard drives and motherboards overheating causes a lot of computers freezing in Townsville and installing new hardware to repair the old can cause conflicts within the system

Keeping your computer clean and free of dust and in a cool, shielded or air-conditioned area can prevent a lot of the hardware faults occurring due to heat,

4) Startup Directory Full Or Too Many Services Running

Programs on your computer are selfish. By that I mean when you install new programs and applications on your computer they also insert themselves onto a list of programs which are to startup automatically on your computer.

You don’t use all these programs all the time and don’t need to start up every time, even though they want too. When to many programs start up, accompanied with programs running which are poorly coded or malicious in nature can cause your computer to freeze, specially at start up, not allowing you to even backup your precious files!

If you know good Townsville computer repairs man like me 🙂 he/she should be able to free your startup from all these annoying selfish programs and only have what you really need running starting up when you turn your computer on.

Call a Townsville computer repair man

My name is Ross Rudall and I am a reliable, fast and affordable computer repairs man.

If your computer, laptop or notebook is freezing during startup or in the middle of using it, please call me straight away before the problem gets worse, resulting in more loss of data, photos or income.

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