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Blue Web Hosting Web Hosting $3.95

You know when you type in and it takes you to a website?

It does this within a split of a second and it’s like the website is just sitting in your computer waiting to be read. But what is actually happening is you are looking at a web page sitting on a web server (computer holding the webpage waiting for you to look at it) somewhere in Australia or most likely overseas.

Web Hosting Townsville Computer Repairs

There are many of these web servers out there all over the world. Some good, some not so good.

We prefer to use a web server company called Bluehost. Not only are the super cheap because of their sheer number of size, they have also been around a long time which means they probably have some business sense and will be around for a lot more.

If your interested in hosting your website we strongly advise you use Bluehost by clicking here and if you need a web site built please don’t hesitate to call us on 0402 807 890.

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