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Alternative to Microsoft Office

Whether you use it or not now or in the future, most of us sooner or later will need and use Microsoft Ofiice either for opening Power Point Presentations, Word documents or emails etc.

Using this magical software is not only useful but also expensive.

A quick search on the internet will yield an abundance of price results ranging from $80 to $300 for a very basic version.  Then there are also the subscription results where you can pay every year to lease the software, rather than buying it outright.

But what if I told you there was another option which would cost you absolutely nothing at all. Something so good and accessible that I in fact use it myself? …. introducing Open Office.


Microsoft Office vs Open Office

OpenOffice is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers.


I have been using Open Office for over 5 years now and I love it.  It has all the features which Microsoft Office has plus more, and it is 100% totally free.

So your thinking right now, whats the catch?  Nothing is for free these days, how can this possibly be!

Open office is built as an Open Source project.  To understand why and how Open Office is free, first you need to understand what open source is.

Software is not magic.  When you use a computer program you are executing a bunch of computer code which has been painstakingly written in a computer mathematical language by some very hard working people.

Most of these people get paid very high sums of money to produce this computer code, but there are also a lot of people out there who write it plain a simply for the love if it.

Open source has been made by an Open Source community of people who love and enjoy the project.  And because it is open for anybody who would like to contribute to the project, the code in which it is written in is available for anybody to look, change and develop.

It might appear at first thought having this code open for anyone to see would make it vulnerable to attacks, but it actually works out to be quite the opposite.

Having so many eyes balls on the project allows these vulnerabilities to quickly be identified and patched up form a security perspective quite quickly.

Open Office has approximately 138,928 people downloading this software every day which is the equivalent of earning $21 million a day if it was a bought and paid for Microsoft Office program.

Open Office is a great program and I highly recommend everyone to try it.  If you already have Microsoft Office there would be no reason really to transfer.  However, if you have a new computer or your subscription has run out, Open Offie may make a very viable alternative.

Hence you have a fantastic free alternative to Microsoft Office, completely free, constantly being updated with all the security patches available free of charge.

Thats why I use open office.

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