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Linux Mint

As Linux is becoming more popular, so am I making more posts about it. For anyone who doesn’t know, Linux is an Operating System like Windows (an environment for you applications and programs to live in). Unlike Windows however, Linux is totally free and comes in hundreds of different version made from many different organisations, people and company’s. Linux is… Read more →


Best Linux Tools – Part 2

This post is a continuation of my recent post, Best Linux Tools – Part 1 Virtualisation Wine For all Windows users out there who just have to have one of their Windows applications running on Linux all is not lost. Wine is a Linux program you run on your Linux computer which executes Windows programs. It all sounds a bit… Read more →

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Different Types of Hacks

Hacking is such an old fashioned generic term which to the public meant something like a teenage boy in his basement, trying to get onto a government computer and start a war. When in real life most computer programmers hack away at their computer, writing code. There not only seems to be a lot misconception not only what hacking is,… Read more →

Ransomware removal

RansomWhere Monitors Macs for Ransomware

The old Apple Mac Computer gets left out of a lot of Virus, Malware, Spyware and Ransomware conversations. Over the years the OSX operating system has become renowned for its security and ability to stay safe against viruses. This of course was not true. Apple Mac computers are not immune to all of the above but due the seciruty built… Read more →

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What are Network Shares

With every new Operating System becoming easier and easier to do things, network sharing is becoming increasingly more popular. You may have heard the term before and not really understood what it is, and if you have and media devices around your house, you might already be using it and not know it. In its essence network shares are files… Read more →

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What is Social Media

Everyone has heard of, most of us use it, but what exactly is the buss with all this social media going around? Although Social Media is not specific to computers or laptops, and can be accessed by pretty much any internet connected device like mobile phone, tablet and smart watch, it still gets bought up a lot and a lot… Read more →


New Computer Running Slow

You’ve just bought a new computer, with the latest processor, heaps of memory and a fast hard drive. It should be running super fast, but it still takes a while to start up, login and get to what your doing. Your left wondering why. Well the chances are you didn’t buy a dud. In fact, even a 3 years old… Read more →

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Suburb List for NBN 2017 for Townsville and NQ

The NBN has released a lit of suburbs in Townsville and surrounding North Queensland suburbs which will be getting NBN in 2017. Fingers crossed your on the list. Alice River Rangewood Babinda Ellerbeck Cardwell Cullinane Flying Fish Point Innisfail Innisfail Estate Coconuts Belvedere Goondi Bend Goondi Hill Hudson Innisfail Mighell Mundoo Sundown (Cassowary Coast – Qld) Wangan East Innisfail Mourilyan… Read more →

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Finding Lost Data and Recovery

Many times I have lost a document or photo, accidentally deleted something or simply moved it without thinking. It happens a lot more than you realise and sometimes data is not missing or needed to be recovered, just simply found on the hard drive. If you know the name of the file you can search for it with in your… Read more →