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Ubuntu Security Patches

The great thing about Linux and my personal flavour Ubuntu, is the security and piece of mind you get with this type of open source operating system. People ask me all the time, “Is it true, Macs don’t get viruses?” And the answer is no. Less people use Macs so there are a lot less viruses out there which attack it… Read more →

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The Truth: Does My Computer Need Maintenance

  I think a lot of not only computer companies, but business in general must love it when people say to them, “do you think we need to get you out for general maintenance” on something. I am sure there are a lot of different machines, devices and systems out there which do need constant maintenance, but generally speaking, most… Read more →

Townsville Password Recovery

Goodbye 1Password, Hello LastPass

Most people who know me, or read my posts will tell you I have been a long time endorser of the paid password manager, 1Password. Password managers are computer programs that do just that. Most of us have 100’s of passwords now,pretty much for every site we have visited. Every site has different rules about how long our passwords should… Read more →

Microsoft Scammers

Been Called From Microsoft Lately

Everyone has heard of Microsoft. It is the biggest software company in the world and everyone has either used a Windows computer at one time or another, used a Word Documents or checked eMail through a program like Microsoft Outlook or Mail. Subconsciously Microsoft being such a big part of our computer and technical life, it seems to lower our defence sand give… Read more →

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Mass Copy or Back Up Files

At Townsville Nerds we like to try and find solutions for our customers which are not only cheap, but easy to implement and reliable . One of the biggest problems for home and work users is still being able to copy a lot of files quickly and reliably between devices and for the purpose of backing up. It doesn’t matter… Read more →

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What is hiberfil.sys

There is a very good chance that if you are reading this post on Townsville Nerds, you computer is starting to run slow and you have been checking your recourse and found a file called hiberfil.sys is using a lot of your precious memory or hard drive space. Im sure there is nothing you would like to do more than… Read more →


To Much Junk On Your Computer

I get this one a lot. A customer will call me and let me know they think there computer is running slow due to it being full with too many photos, applications and files etc. The truth is, unless your hard drive is failing and not addressing space allocation correctly, it doesn’t matter how many files you have on your computer, how… Read more →

Rank higher in Google yourself


I can show you how I ranked Townsville Nerds number one. Anyone who has a website or online business will be able to tell you how they receive emails every week from companies all over the world claiming to be able to make their website number one. They use words like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and user engagement. For a… Read more →

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Different Kinds of Wireless Internet

There are many different ways you can receive your internet and there are many different types of wireless (wifi) communications available. But for the purpose of this post I am going to try and explain the difference between the couple of options we have in Australia depending on where you live and what type of hardware you have in place. Interesting Fact:… Read more →

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Free Dynamic DNS

What is a DNS server You might not know this, but every time you go onto the internet, check your email of use Facebook, you are using a DNS service. Every computer, router or network on the internet has an IP address, something that looks like 123.456.789.123. This is a unique address assigned to a host which identifies it as a… Read more →

Remote Desktop TeamViewer

Remote Access Your Computer with Teamviewer

Being able to access your home or work computer from another location, including your phone can be a very valuable recourse. Whether its because you constantly need to check something on your computer like downloads or messages, or its a one off where you have forgot something for work or study and don’t want to travel all the way back and… Read more →