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No network connection – Part 1

 One of the most annoying things when using your computer is no network connection. For most people, especially home users there would probably no need to use a computer or have one if you had no internet. Loosing your Internet connection or LAN (Local Area Network) connection can happen for a lot of reasons and most of them really depend… Read more →


Streaming Devices – Apple TV vs Roku

Streaming devices are little box’s like your Austar or Foxtel box you use to watch any type of media like movies, TV Shows and look at Photos. But instead of over the cable networks or satellites, you use your internet connection to view what you are looking at. Although Australia has nowhere near the amount of services you can use… Read more →

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Helpful Netflix

Although Townsville Nerds is primarily a computer repair business and website, every now and again I come across something from my customers which I think is a great idea and I would like to share. If you don’t already have Netflix you should seriously think about getting it. Netflix is basically a website or app depending on how you are… Read more →


Can I get a Virus from Youtube

Every now and again I get a customer who believes Youtube put a Virus on their computer. Although it is not out of the realm of possibility, it is highly unlikely. Youtube is owned by Google, a very big and profitable internet company. Google makes a lot of its money through advertisements, they probably do not need to put a viruses on your… Read more →

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Most Common Online Scam June 2016

The most common scam we are seeing this June 2016, maybe the most common scam throughout all of 2016 so far is there one where the victim actually calls the scammer and allows them to take control of their computer. For a long while for the past 10 years there have been countless reports of people calling Australians with foreign sounding… Read more →

Windows 10 Upgrade townsville laptop computer man

Things to think about before installing Windows 10 – Part 2

Forced updates causing crashes With Windows computers 1 shoe does not fit all. But with Windows updates thats what you sometimes get and not being able to change what updates you want to receive can cause problems and conflicts between drivers and programs. A bad update that causes a conflict, specially regarding drivers can cause your computer to stop booting… Read more →

Windows 10 Upgrade townsville laptop computer man

Things to think about before installing Windows 10 – Part 1

Windows 10 is a nice upgrade from Windows 8 and 8.1. Windows 8 had mixed results and a lot of people either loved it or hated it. I didn’t mind Windows 8 at all and I still use it on a couple of my computers at home. Windows 10 has also been a very nice free upgrade and I quite… Read more →

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Useful Computer Hacks – Part 1

You don’t always have to spend lots of money to make your computer or laptop work better. Sometimes due to physical damage you have no choice but to replace computer parts like motherboards, hard drives and memory. Replacing parts is only some of the time and a lot of the time there are cheaper alternatives which can be done to save… Read more →

Popups controlling your computer

PopUps taking over your computer

Its bad enough when you start using your computer and all of the sudden popups start bugging you and interfering with whatever your doing, but what do you do if it happens straight up; when your computer has just been turned on? When you are using your computer and more and more popups start bugging you there are a lot… Read more →

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Black Screen

Since a lot of people have upgraded to Windows 10 I am seeing many computers with the black screen of death. Many customers believe that there computer is still working because they might get the screen manufacturer logo on there screen when they turn their computer on. But it is just your monitor letting you know there is contact and electricity. There… Read more →