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Speed Test

What’s Blocking My Internet

No body likes slow internet. But yet, even with the massive amounts of money being spent on technology, communications the NBN etc. Are lot of us are still getting slow internet. But even though its easy to just blame the telecommunications companies, its not always there fault. The first thing you need to do when you have slow internet on… Read more →

Windows 10 Upgrade townsville laptop computer man

5 Things You Never New Windows 10 Could Do

We all use Windows for a lot of basic things like checking emails, writing documents, research, playing games or just surfing the web.  But there are tonne of other things Windows 10 can do you probably didn’t know about. I know what you are thinking’ it’s going to be totally geeky stuff, only Townsville computer nerds are going to want… Read more →

how do i get my files of a computer with broken screen

Recovering Data Off Laptop With Broken Screen

Just because you have a broken screen or your computer is not turning on, doesn’t mean you have to loose all your precious data such as emails, word documents, PDF’s, photos, music and movies. A lot of the time it is simply not worth repairing your computer. If the costs are too high to repair your computer, we let you… Read more →


Will My Mac Hard Drive Work On My Windows Computer

This is a very difficult question because it could related and be answered very differently depending on the situation. Such as are we referring to a Apple Mac hard drive working in a computer as the primary drive, or as an external with files on it. Or can we use a hard drive from a Mac computer and change it… Read more →

data recovery laptop townsville

Why Does Your Hard Drive Fail?

Hard drives failing, including external and the type of hard drive inside your computer can be one of the worst things to happen to your computer or laptop. TOWNSVILLE NERDS WILL GIVE YOU A – SAME DAY – FREE – NO OBLIGATION QUOTE AND DIAGNOSIS Its one thing to have something go wrong with your computer and have to buy… Read more →

Bye Bye, ISDN

If your business or home use ISDN and you have missed all the updates, news and emails, you could soon find you might not have access to telephone, email and internet.   What is ISDN ISDN stands for, Integrated Services Digital Network and although it is an old technology it is still used in businesses and home all around the world.… Read more →

Modem Router Townsville

ADSL Keeps Disconnecting and Slow

What is ADSL ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and before NBN (National Broadband Network) was the standard by which internet was measured by. Up until that point, there was only the old slow dial up internet available to the public and even though the technology is old now, it is still fast enough for most people to be… Read more →

Apple Mac Imac Macbook repairs

Apple Mac Wont Upgrade OSX

Computer operating systems are very complicated and technical pieces of software. Unlike most computer software and apps which sit on top and get installed within your operating like Windows, OSX and Linux; Operating systems are responsible for being part of the computer which allows you talk to the physical hardware and components of your computer. I like to think of… Read more →

computer wont wake up

Things You Don’t Think of When Buying A New Computer – Part 1

There are so many things to consider when buying a new computer. Features you have never heard of, security, software, design? To make it even harder, it’s not like you can take it home and test it first. You’ve got to try it in the shop and even though there are a lot of things you have an idea about,… Read more →

Computer repairs freezing

Shutting Down Computer When Frozen

There is a right and wrong way to shut your computer down or restart it. Most of the time this isn’t a problem and you know how to shutdown properly. But sometimes you just don’t have a choice, and need to hard shutdown your computer. The easiest way to do this is just hold down the power for 8 seconds,… Read more →

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