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How to Improve Your Wi-Fi

Not to be confused with your 3G or 4G phone wireless carrier, Wi-Fi for your computer and home network is a technology you use at home with a computer or wireless device to talk to your network. At home this is usually to your wireless router which is connected to the internet, and the device you connect to is referred to as… Read more →

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Understanding the Internet

Speaking to a lot of people in Townsville, after all these years there still seems to be a lot of confusion about what the internet is and it not. Some people think email is the internet and others thing it is a webpage or Google. All these things are close, but probably not close enough. The internet is made up of… Read more →


No Signal No Display

A common problem with computer, specially desktop computers is hearing the computer boot up bot not seeing anything on the screen. It’s easy to think the computer is still working when you don’t hear anything on the screen but you can still hear it ticking over, but that is usually not the case. Just because the computer has electricity running through… Read more →

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Stay Protected When Using Public Wifi

Most, if not all, NBN or ADSL internet connections in our home or at work come with wireless (wifi) built in. For the most part when encryption is turned on this is quite secure. But most of us who are accustomed to using wifi do not think twice about it when using a public wifi spot. When travelling or sitting in… Read more →

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Understanding CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Burning

Most of us have burn a CD or some kind of optical device at one time or another. When CD burners came out mainstream in the late 90’s everyone was on it. People where making their own CD’s (Compact Disks) rather than buying them from the music store and seemed like it couldn’t get any better. It wasn’t long after DVD’s… Read more →

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How a HDD Hard Disk Drive Works

A lot of people can be forging for thinking their whole computer desktop tower or laptop is the hard drive when referring to it. But the actually hard drive, the device responsible for storing files and operating system such as Windows 10 is actually a little box the size of your hand within the computer or laptop. Your hard drive… Read more →

More scams in Townsville 2016

Call Scams Equal Computer Scams

Already this second half of 2016 we are seeing a lot more people get scammed and computers hacked. Unlike traditional computer hacking, where you imagine some teen boy on his computer under a house, most of the scams and people being taken advantage of (we are seeing) are coming from people in which the scam is actually starting over the phone.… Read more →

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Pokemon GO Ransomware

What is Pokemon Go Pokémon Go (stylized as Pokémon GO) is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. It was initially released in selected countries in July 2016. — Wikipedia. Have you been down the strand lately and seen hordes of people looking at their phone, walking along in groups? There is a… Read more →

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Things to do with an Old Computer – Part 2

Create a Online Network Storage Device A network storage device is a computer which doesn’t have to be very powerful on your network you can store files on. Most people back up onto their external hard drive or to a online service like your Google Drive or Dropbox storage. Uploading and downloading your files from an online service can be very… Read more →


Things to do with an Old Computer – Part 1

It feels like only yesterday when no one had a computer. Yep I sound old but I am still in my 30’s and it really wasn’t that long ago there was no internet, people didn’t have mobile phones which surfed the web and have internet and people only had one computer in their house. As the technology has developed and… Read more →