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Pokemon GO Ransomware

What is Pokemon Go Pokémon Go (stylized as Pokémon GO) is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. It was initially released in selected countries in July 2016. — Wikipedia. Have you been down the strand lately and seen hordes of people looking at their phone, walking along in groups? There is a… Read more →

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Things to do with an Old Computer – Part 2

Create a Online Network Storage Device A network storage device is a computer which doesn’t have to be very powerful on your network you can store files on. Most people back up onto their external hard drive or to a online service like your Google Drive or Dropbox storage. Uploading and downloading your files from an online service can be very… Read more →


Things to do with an Old Computer – Part 1

It feels like only yesterday when no one had a computer. Yep I sound old but I am still in my 30’s and it really wasn’t that long ago there was no internet, people didn’t have mobile phones which surfed the web and have internet and people only had one computer in their house. As the technology has developed and… Read more →

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Windows 10 Free Upgrade Loophole

Its been a long time coming but as of the last day in July 2016 Microsoft are no longer offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade to most Windows 8, 8 and 8.1 users. What seems kind of counterintuitive because Microsoft wants people to use Windows 10 seem weird they would put a shelf life on when you had the… Read more →

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Difference Between VOIP and PTSN

What is PTSN PTSN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network, and before the internet became mainstream was the old telephone type system we have and still use a lot in our homes and business. If you have seen the old movies where someone sits at a desk switching telephones together from calls inbound and connecting to calls outbound you have… Read more →

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Different types of Printers – Part 2

Multifunction Printers Multifunction printers try to do everything from Faxing, Printing, Scanning, and Photocopying. They are usually built in with the ability to connect to your network over the Wireless and Ethernet and also have a telephone port to be able to make calls and receive faxes. You will know if your printer is Multifunctional because it is larger than… Read more →

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Different types of Printers – Part 1

We have all been using printers on our computer for a very long time now. If you have had a computer in the past you most certainly would have had a printer. With everything been sent electronically now like your bank statements, phone  and electricity bills people are now having to print there own bills out. The printer industry has… Read more →

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Bitdefender Virus Scanner for Mac

A lot of Apple Mac users will tell you they don’t need Antivirus programs on their computers and laptops because Mac computers don’t get viruses. This simply isn’t true and even Apple denied Macs get viruses until recently. Apple operating systems are designed on a very old stable system called Unix. Unix is incredibly versatile and secure, but not impenetrable.… Read more →


Where can I download Music safely

I get asked the one a lot. Probably because people have tried the usual routes like P2P networking or torrents. Torrents are great and not only used for downloading digital files illegally. Lots of people and company’s use torrents to legally distribute files over the internet. The good thing about torrents are they are not stored and centralised in one place, but… Read more →

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IPv6 and Android Wireless

Recently I updated my router. In fact I went from using my Apple Airport Extreme to using a custom made PFSense Linux Operating System instead of a standard router. My PFsense router has IPv6 on as default. A lot of new routers supplied by your interest service provider will have this as well, even if your ISP doesn’t support it.… Read more →