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Apple Mac Imac Macbook repairs

Apple Mac Wont Upgrade OSX

Computer operating systems are very complicated and technical pieces of software. Unlike most computer software and apps which sit on top and get installed within your operating like Windows, OSX and Linux; Operating systems are responsible for being part of the computer which allows you talk to the physical hardware and components of your computer. I like to think of… Read more →

Things You Don’t Think of When Buying A New Computer – Part 1

There are so many things to consider when buying a new computer. Features you have never heard of, security, software, design? To make it even harder, it’s not like you can take it home and test it first. You’ve got to try it in the shop and even though there are a lot of things you have an idea about,… Read more →

Computer repairs freezing

Shutting Down Computer When Frozen

There is a right and wrong way to shut your computer down or restart it. Most of the time this isn’t a problem and you know how to shutdown properly. But sometimes you just don’t have a choice, and need to hard shutdown your computer. The easiest way to do this is just hold down the power for 8 seconds,… Read more →

Different kinds of computer attacks

You computer can be damaged any number of ways, from power surges, water damage, heat or simply misuse. Some people get angry and punch them usually causing problems with the motherboard and running hard drives and data. But the way most peoples computer gave something go wrong with them is they have downloaded something which hurts their computer or laptop,… Read more →

Townsville computer repair man

Laptop Water Damage

Water is probably one of the worst enemies of computers, right up there with heat and electricity. The biggest problem with water damage to your computer is its ability to affect multiple components in your computer, specially in laptops and notebooks where they are all crammed into close together. Some components are replaceable, like in desktop where its feasible to… Read more →

townsville computer repairs

Your Website Needs Cloudflare

You may have heard of Cloudflare before. It is not unlikely you’ve gone to a website in the past, only to find it is down or seen a Cloudflare web page instead. Cloudfare is an online web company which basically sits between you (proxy) and your websites customers. So when people viewing your website, they are actually going through Cloudflare… Read more →

computer gaming townsville

What Do You Need For a Gaming Computer

Townsville Nerds does not build computers. We use to, but due to market share and prices of computers built already made, it’s just something right now we want to do in our business. Saying that people ask us all the time to help[ them with components they have already bought and advice on what they need for a great gaming… Read more →

Web Site Design Townsville

Understand Website Basics

Townsville Nerds have been building websites since the mid 90’s. While I was studying education and James Cook University, one of our subjects was computing in education. This was all during the very early stages of the internet. That class included a broad overall the computer industry and one of the new technologies everyone was talking about then was the… Read more →

VPN Townsville Computer Security

What is a VPN

VPN’s seem to be all the rage these days. Whether you have heard about them on the news, seen them advertised on the internet or been heard about people using them for illegal downloads, everyone thinks they either need one or are missing out on something if they don’t have one. But what exactly are VPN’s. In the sense we… Read more →

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