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Popups controlling your computer

PopUps taking over your computer

Its bad enough when you start using your computer and all of the sudden popups start bugging you and interfering with whatever your doing, but what do you do if it happens straight up; when your computer has just been turned on? When you are using your computer and more and more popups start bugging you there are a lot… Read more →

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Black Screen

Since a lot of people have upgraded to Windows 10 I am seeing many computers with the black screen of death. Many customers believe that there computer is still working because they might get the screen manufacturer logo on there screen when they turn their computer on. But it is just your monitor letting you know there is contact and electricity. There… Read more →

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Need a Townsville Laptop Man?

Townsville Nerds is your place to call for all your Laptop needs in Townsville. With over 20 years of personal experience with everything laptop from replacing memory and hard drives, to removing viruses and speeding your laptop up this Townsville laptop man has the experience you can count on. This Townsville laptop man has been using laptops way before they… Read more →

Townsville Laptop and Computer Repair Man

Wireless Problems

Just about everybody uses wireless these days in their homes as do a lot of business around town in Townsville. Wireless is a great alternative to having to wire up your whole home or business with ethernet cable or have it prebuilt into your structure. Rather, adding a wireless router or modem can easily allow most people to connect to… Read more →

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Build a pfSense router

This is a great DYI project for people with not a great deal of computer knowledge and someone who would like to play more with computer networks and routers. Most routers you buy form the store (not including high end expensive commercial grade grade) do not come with a lot of features. They are OK for basic use and routing, but for people who… Read more →

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Google’s Gmail Android app and Exchange

What is Google Gmail Android App For the majority of people using smart phones, there are 2 giants in the market. The Iphone which is made by Apple which uses the IOS operating system and Android phones which is made by countless other companies which use Googles operating system named Android. Within the Android operating system you can download millions of different… Read more →


External Hard Drive

External hard drives are fickle devices. Sensitive to rapid movements, heat, power surges and sometimes even moods they can quickly go from being a handy device to a nightmare. External hard drives which can include thumb drives or usb drives and easy ways to back up your important information such as documents, photos and tax information and a great place to… Read more →

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Computer News for the Week – 13/04/16

Happy Birthday to the modern day computer This week the personal computers turns 40. Before people were using computers in their homes, most computers were made for big companies and most people though there would never be a place for a computer in the home. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak changed all that with their Apple 1 back in April 1976 and… Read more →