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mac computer repairs in townsville nerds

Best Apple Mac Tools – Part 1

You have just bought you new Apple Mac computer and the first thing we get asked is, what should I put on it. My answer either makes people very happy, or quite sad. The answer is, “probably the exact same stuff as you would put on a Windows or Linux computer”. The fact of the matter is, most of the… Read more →

Stop Viruses Townsville

Adblockers – Best Way to Defend Against Viruses

Anyone who follows my blog will know I am not a great fan of antivirus programs. It’s just I see dozens of computers every month with viruses and they all have some sort of Anti-virus Malware type protection on them. I don’t think they are anywhere as good as they should be and all my customers are certainly under the… Read more →

Apple Mac Imac Macbook repairs

Mac Repairs Townsville

Apple has always lead the ways in technology and computing. Although Apple didn’t event the computer, you can thank them for bringing them into your home, small business and pocket (iPhone). As awesome as the Apple technology is (Im a big fan), Apple do try and lock a lot of us out on what hardware can be sourced, and what… Read more →

windows 10 operating system

Windows 10 Problems – 26-03-17

This Windows 10 article is about 3 common Windows 10 problems people are having and how you can go about repairing them or avoiding them altogether. This article is going to assume you have a fast enough computer to run Windows 10 in the first place, which is probably the most concerning issue. Like any computer, the quickest, cheapest and… Read more →

Computer software conflicts

Conflicting Software Issues

Although there are many parts and different types of software and hardware on your computer,  the two main parts people mostly refer to are hardware and software. Hardware the physical components you can touch like your motherboard, hard drive, mouse, monitor, keyboard, memory and so on.   What is Software Software can be anything from the operating system you are using such… Read more →

townsville computer repairs

Linux Mint

As Linux is becoming more popular, so am I making more posts about it. For anyone who doesn’t know, Linux is an Operating System like Windows (an environment for you applications and programs to live in). Unlike Windows however, Linux is totally free and comes in hundreds of different version made from many different organisations, people and company’s. Linux is… Read more →

linux computer operating system commands

Best Linux Tools – Part 2

This post is a continuation of my recent post, Best Linux Tools – Part 1 Virtualisation Wine For all Windows users out there who just have to have one of their Windows applications running on Linux all is not lost. Wine is a Linux program you run on your Linux computer which executes Windows programs. It all sounds a bit… Read more →

Web Site Design Townsville

Really Really Cheap Business Web Sites

Hey Everyone, Last month we ran a special where we decided to do business grade websites for only $250. Which included: Domain Name for one year ( Web Hosting for one year. Up to 5 Pages on your website such as, contact us, about us, services, offered, welcome page etc. Up to 5 email addresses. Free Responsiveness – Website will… Read more →

hackers townsville

Different Types of Hacks

Hacking is such an old fashioned generic term which to the public meant something like a teenage boy in his basement, trying to get onto a government computer and start a war. When in real life most computer programmers hack away at their computer, writing code. There not only seems to be a lot misconception not only what hacking is,… Read more →

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