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computer virus townsville

Which is the best Antivirus for you

People ask me all the time which is the best antivirus program for their Microsoft Windows computer. This is probably the hardest question to answer, as there is no one shoe fits all strategy here. There is a clear difference in what anti-viruses corporate businesses should use who host web sites, servers and data sets. But when it comes to… Read more →

Safe Mode Windows

How to Boot into Safe Mode with Windows 10

What is Safe Mode Safe Mode is a way to access your Windows based computer when normal start up doesn’t occur because of faults in the system, due to bad updates, viruses or bad configuration etc. Starting your computer in Safe Mode will hopefully give you limited access to your operating system to run diagnosis and make changes and repairs… Read more →


Windows 10 Not Assigning Drive Letters to External Drives Automatically

With every Windows 10 update there are a lot of improvements. Not just features, but also little bug which annoy people. But for someone reason this little persistent one keeps sticking around. Usually it just works. You plug your external USB or hard drive into your computer and Windows 10 automatically makes it show up in your computer with a… Read more →

Windows 10 Disk Usage

Windows 10 has been around for a while now and we can assume all this time a lot of the bugs will have sorted out. Although having the Windows 10 operating system on your computer or laptop is proving to have a lot of security benefits, we still seem to be having the constant problems we had a lot of… Read more →

Web Browser Alterntaives

Alternative Web Browsers

Computing has changed over the years. I remember when it use to take a few minutes for an image to load and there was no internet banking or social networking. Now everything is instant, or pretty close to it; we do a lot more on our computers and internet, using multiple services, multiple applications and multiple web browsers all at… Read more →

Bios update

June 23th Updates, Upgrade and Latest

Debian 9 This is week saw the latest instalment of the much anticipated Linux distribution Debian (9) ‘Stretch’. Debian named after its created Ian and then girlfriend Debbie is one of the oldest and most stable Linux distributions used and loved by millions of people and company who use it for everything from servers to desktop operating systems. Debian developers… Read more →

Cloud computing

Dropbox vs Onedrive vs Google Drive

Most of us have probably heard of one of these services. With the race being on for who will be the most superior cloud storage provider, it is hard to know which services are legitimate, and what has to offer. This post hopes to provide some insight as to what these services are and what each can provide to help… Read more →

More scams in Townsville 2016

Antivirus Phone Number

This post is about another scam going around hitting a lot of people in Townsville. It comes in many different colours and skins, but it all amounts to the same thing. Getting you to pick up the phone and give your credit card details to someone who is not a real antivirus company and who will install software on your… Read more →

townsville facebook

Stop Websites Asking to Show Notifications

It feels like just about every website I go to these days asks me if I would like to allow notifications. On the Internet views are everything to websites, specially ones trying to sell you something. You view is valuable to them even after you have left. Thats why they want you to allow notification from them, so every time… Read more →


Viruses in Emails

The majority of viruses, malware, spyware and ad-ware we see on peoples computers is stuff they have accidentally installed themselves, by downloading and installing software associated with free; such as games and movies etc. But there are many other ways for your computer to get a virus, email being one of the big ones. Can I get a Virus from… Read more →

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